(902)9-1-1 Map Data: Selected call types by street.

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What's on this map?

On this map you can see why the Halifax Regional Police came to your street, for selected types of calls.
Policing in Halifax region is provided by the Halifax Regional Police Service and the RCMP. This map shows only calls to the Halifax police.
Each yellow dot represents one street in the urban core and eastern Chebucto Peninsula. Click on a dot to see the calls for that street.
For best results, zoom in closer and find a dot on or adjacent to the street for which you would like to see calls.

Data analysis and map by Schenley Brown, Patrick Odell, King's Investigative Workshop.
Additional notes:
Includes only those calls for which police officers were dispatched.
If a street is in more than one police district, calls for each district will be on separate points.
All calls on a street are consolidated into one point.Calls at intersections attributed to first street named.
Not all streets are represented so the map does not show all calls.
Streets with police stations, such as Gottingen Street, may show unusually large numbers of calls.
Source: Halifax Regional Police calls data