An interactive tour of Pinecrest-Highfield Park and area

What's this map all about

Pinecrest-Highfield Park, and the wider Dartmouth North Community, are often seen by outsiders as crime-ridden, poverty-stricken places.
While there's some truth to both, they are also communities, with all the richness implied by that word.
Investigative students Lily Sangster and Brittney Teasdale spent several weeks getting to know these communities, and their people.
Click on the (902)9-1-1 markers to meet some of them, and to take a tour of the area.
As this is a standard Google map, you can zoom in and out and by dragging the stick person to any point on the map, you can activate Google Street View to see what things look like at ground level.

Voices and pictures by Lily Sangster and Brittney Teasdale.