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(902)9-1-1 Updated with interactive maps

University of King’s College journalism students crunched through almost 650,000 calls for service from the Halifax police. The result: a stunning package of stories, maps and multimedia.

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A note from the editor

By Fred Vallance-Jones Faculty advisor Suicide is an extremely difficult subject for journalists, and this story was no exception. Most often, suicides are not reported because of concern that reporting them may spawn copycat attempts. It is also seen as … Continue reading

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A silent scourge

It’s a subject most of us don’t like to talk about. But you probably know someone who’s been affected by suicide. Police officers are often the ones first on the scene, thrown into the role of social worker, in the middle of the night, with a life in the balance. And for families, it is a tragedy hard to fathom. Continue reading

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Pinecrest-Highfield Park by the numbers

Some facts about Pinecrest-Highfield Park: Number of single mothers: 515 Area of Halifax that has the most single mothers: North Dartmouth Number of single fathers: 40 People 15 and over with children at home: 1,335 Percentage of those people who … Continue reading

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The story of E502

It’s one of Halifax metro’s toughest and poorest places. The numbers tell the tale. But it’s not just the darkest part of the “dark side.” There’s hope here too. A multimedia tour of North Dartmouth. Continue reading

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Designed to fail

Pinecrest-Highfield Park has some of the highest crime rates and lowest incomes anywhere in metro Halifax. People are packed in more tightly here than almost anywhere else. It might have been different, but urban planners got this one wrong. It’s a neighbourhood that was designed to fail. Continue reading

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