Pinecrest-Highfield Park by the numbers

Brittney Teasdale photo

Some facts about Pinecrest-Highfield Park:

Number of single mothers: 515

Area of Halifax that has the most single mothers: North Dartmouth

Number of single fathers: 40

People 15 and over with children at home: 1,335

Percentage of those people who are employed: 70.8%

Females’ percentage of the labour force: 78.5%

Likelihood that a female with a child will be a sole caregiver of a child: 68%

Segment of the population that has the highest unemployment rate: males, 15-24

Area of Halifax with the most rented dwellings: North Dartmouth

Percentage of dwellings that are rented: 88.6%

Dwellings in need of “major repairs”: 290

Where North Dartmouth falls relative to Halifax region overall for dwellings in need of “major repairs”: fourth worst.

Number of “insecure premises” calls to the police between 2006 to 2010: 1,127

When the majority of the buildings were constructed: Between 1961-1970

Sources: Statistics Canada, 2006 census, data for tract 114; Halifax police calls data.

Words and research by Schenley Brown.

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